Tips About Eating Healthy|what so special about restuarants in Phnom Penh

what so special about restuarants in Phnom Penh

Tips About Eating Healthy


Five quick tips about eating healthy


Living a healthy life is your choice. Some people think that it is so difficult to eat healthy because they think that eating healthy require them to spend a lot of money to buy it and they could not afford. However, it is a wrong idea that most people bring with them since they do not know exactly mean what eating healthy mean. On the top of that , they do not need to spend much money to be eating healthy at all if they know how to spend money carefully on buying things they should eat. Here are all the five tips for eating healthy:

Eat regularly:

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eating regularly is a big part of eating healthy. Why? As you know no matter how much fruits and vegetable you eat , you cannot become healthy if you don't have good eating habits. So everything starts from yourself that you have to obligate yourself to eating healthy. You should set a clear time when you have to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and try to eat on the time that you have set. For example, you eat breakfast at 7 o'clock in the morning so you should try to eat at this time and make it your habit.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable:


fruit and vegetable are the main source of vitamin and protein for your body. It helps your body grow perfectly and helps to protect your body from disease and make you more strong. For example, mango is a kind of fruit that has rich nutrition. Do you know that one mango provides 5 grams of fiber, as well as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and huge doses of vitamins A and C.

Eat all kind of foods:


eating a variety of foods is very essential for your health and you should consider this point carefully because our body need many kind of nutrients in order for your body to grow well. Moreover, having good health you should eat more than 40 different nutrients and it require many different types of vegetable, fruit and meat. However, you should balance what you eat and eat it in moderate amount.

Include fish in your every meal:


Some people like eating meat like beef and pork but these kind of meat are not so good for your body. However if you want to form a habit of eating healthy you should consider eating fish for your meal because fish is so high in important nutrients that most people need. Additionally, fish is also the world's best source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are incredibly important for your body and brain.